March 2009

Make Good The Fires
*World Premiere*

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**World Premiere** Produced by Cyrano’s Theatre Company March 2009

Make Good the Fires by Arlitia Jones

Directed by Bostin Christopher

Dramaturgy by Jayne Wenger

With Jeff McCamish, Krista Schwarting and Sara Wagner

Set Design by Aaron Wiseman

Scenic Painting and Design by Carrie Yannagawa

Light Design by Frank Hardy

Sound Design by Erick Hayden

Costume Design by Alicia Silverstein

Props by Linda Benson

Stage Management by Carrie Yannagawa


“A well-honed cast and tight direction make Make Good the Fires a good night of theater.”

“A seamless stream of memories flow in and out in realistic episodes. Director Bostin Christopher’s pacing lets the scenes emerge without jarring, while maintaining an edge of surprise.”

Anchroage Daily News